About Us

Cryptonzy.com aims to provide Cryptocurrency and Blockchain enthusiasts with breaking news and tips with the hope it helps traders and investors make smart decisions.

We are a group united by various independent professionals of diverse areas such as systems engineers as well as blockchain enthusiasts, traders and marketers with one common goal to give everyone from beginners to veterans in the cryptoworld the necessary tools, data and tips, not only to be successful in the cryptocurrency world, but also to enjoy and understand as much as possible, while having someone to “have your back” on this volatile but very profitable market.

Founded in December 2017, Cryptonzy.com was established with the primary objective of educating and enlightening people about the raving cryptocurrency- Bitcoin. We seek to achieve this goal by regular publication of highly informative news articles, enlightening interviews, and other relevant information to aid better understanding of how the cryptocurrency works.

Our editorial focus is to provide vital updates on cryptocurrencies and not value predictions and speculations.

As we further, we will be updating you on current projects and innovations within the Bitcoin ecosystem. We will also bring to you updates about the top Bitcoin rivals in the crypto-world. Cryptocurrencies are constantly passing through several developmental phases and we see it as our responsibility to furnish you with all the latest developments as they unfold.

Cryptonzy.com was developed to fill-in the information gap ignored by Bitcoin news websites. We deliver professional, highly informative, and straight-to-the-point news items for easy review and analysis.

As earlier stated, our editorial focus is to provide vital updates on crypto-currencies and not value predictions and speculations. We do not claim to be Bitcoin moguls- of course we are not. We are therefore prone to making errors in our publications – however, we are always open for corrections and criticism though reader’s feedback.

Our operations do not cover news sensationalism or “link baiting”. We bring to our readers fresh-from-oven-news and say it “as-is.” We also thrive to provide sources for further reading – for readers who seek for such.

It is worthy of mention that we do not encourage the use of Bitcoin or altcoins for any fraudulent or illegal activities. We will not be held liable for any illegitimate actions taken by readers as a result of a publication on Cryptonzy.com. Readers are solely responsible for their actions.

We strive to become the number one name in Bitcoin-related news. One way of achieving this goal, is by adopting strict ethical codes. We do not send or spam our website links on social media platforms – our links are posted in our Facebook and twitter accounts. Also, we do not buy fake twitter followers or post contents merely for page views.

We offer you updates on Bitcoin simply because we love the crypto-coin.