BitMarket Exchange

BitMarket is a Polish cryptocurrency exchange that offers trading in BTC, LTC, ETH, and DOGE. The market offers both margin trading services and investment opportunities for users. BitMarket accepts PLN and ERU via regular and instant transfers.
Market Maker/Market Taker/Turnover in the last 30 days 0.15%/0.45%/0.00/99.99 EUR 0.14%/0.44%/100.00/299.99 EUR 0.13%/0.43%/300.00/499.99 EUR 0.12%/0.42%/500.00/999.99 EUR 0.11%/0.41%/1000.00/1999.99 EUR 0.10%/0.40%/2000.00/2999.99 EUR 0.09%/0.39%/3000.00/4999.99 EUR 0.08%/0.38%/5000.00/9999.99 EUR 0.07%/0.37%/10000.00/19999.99 EUR 0.06%/0.36%/20000.00/29999.99 EUR 0.05%/0.35%/30000.00/49999.99 EUR 0.04%/0.34%/50000.00/99999.99 EUR 0.03%/0.33%/100000.00/199999.99 EUR 0.02%/0.32%/200000.00/299999.99 EUR 0.01%/0.31%/300000.00/499999.99 EUR 0.00%/0.30%/over EUR 500000.00
PLN Regular transfer: no fee PLN Instant transfer: no fee EUR Transfer SEPA (SHA): 2 EUR EUR Transfer INT (SHA): 5 EUR EUR Transfer INT (BEN): 5 EUR plus Cryptocurrency: no fee
PLN Regular transfer: 2 PLN PLN Instant transfer: 0.45% of the amount EUR Transfer SEPA (SHA): 2 EUR BTC: 0.0008 BTC LTC: 0.001 LTC ETH: 0.001 ETH DOGE: 1 DOGE
Mariusz Sperczynski Office of Kvadratco Services Limited Building NorthGate, VI p., ul. Bonifraterska 17, 00-203 Warsaw

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