Novaexchange Exchange

Nova exchange lists a wide range of cryptocurrency and especially the lower market cap alt coins that are not listed on the larger exchanges. Registration is free. The fees are 0.2% fr processed trades. Generally currencies will be unlisted if they are not having a BTC Volume of 0.2 under three weeks. As of July 2017, 230 coins are traded at Nova exchange. Nova exchange offers a 'dice' and 'scratchcard' gambling features. They suffered a hack of less than 5 BTC in late 2016 and set up a fund to repay customers. There was a vulnerability in the accounts. "Our focus is security, stability and customer support. We spend nothing for ads or promoting our services. We are confident that if we continue to provide the best possible services, security, stability and customer support we won't need to spend any money on advertisement."
Maximum of 0.2% fee on processed trade orders
Crypto: 0%
Crypto: 0%
Nova Technology Limited, Tanzania

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