Hyperinflation Corona-Style Incoming: $2 Trillion Stimulus, FDIC Begs You To Keep Money in Banks

I don’t know about you, but I am getting sick of talking about all this corona-nonsense. No pun intended.

It’s already losing its new and shiny propaganda luster…like I’m ready for the next or newest false flag psyop now after weeks of the same hysteria.

Unfortunately for us, this is just the beginning of what looks like will be a several month-long if not longer Martial law “trial”.

In fact, the US CONgress has just decided today to try and expedite the voting for their coronavirus “relief bill” by pushing it to tomorrow (Friday).

Slyly, to slip the bill into law without any resistance I suspect, Nancy Pelosi and Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy have agreed to approve the law with an unusual “voice vote” which doesn’t require all the CONmen, I mean congressmen, to be present during the vote.

They claim it’s because some law-fakers have supposedly contracted the virus and that many cannot vote in person because they’re self-quarantining themselves…

Very convenient, much like how the Federal Reserve Act was passed on Christmas eve when most senators were outside of the capitol for the holidays.

Based on the amount of money already being injected into the economy, after all is said and done, I would estimate we’re going to end up seeing a total US deficit of a minimum of $5 trillion dollars. Maybe even $10 trillion by the end of the year if things get really nutty.

Meanwhile, the FDIC is encouraging depositors to keep their money in their bank accounts because it’s “dangerous” to hide it under your mattress or in your home. In an ad they recently put out, a woman explains that since its inception in 1933 no depositor has lost any money.

Of course, as we and many others in the know frequently point out, the FDIC is actually bankrupt and could never cover something like a mass bank run… unless money is printed out of nothing in which case, yes, they could punch some numbers into a computer to “insure” your deposit.

They claim to have a measly $25 billion reserved for bank-failures to cover deposits, but if you do a little research you’ll find out that this is not even close to enough money to cover US bank deposits. In fact, it’s minuscule in comparison.

And there is already word coming out of certain banks limiting withdrawals and closing down branch locations.

If you want to see the laughable FDIC video clip of this PSA, you can check it out in my walk and talk video with Lucy and I below where I also talk more about what direction we’re headed economically as a result of all this.

[embedded content]

But the lack of confidence in paper currency is refreshingly visible in the lack of supply and the time delays happening with major precious metals retailers.

Silver especially is difficult to get your hands on because of skyrocketing demand right now.

Major US retailers like JM bullion, for instance, have 15+ business day delays on shipping and order fulfillment.

But looking at spot prices which are artificially depressed via the paper markets at the CME, you’d never know the demand is so high with prices of silver dropping to below $12 an ounce just a few days ago.

However, if you try to purchase physical bullion, you’ll quickly find out that premiums have soared to nearly $10 over spot price in some cases!

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