Tron’s Justin Sun Teases A Secret Project That Could Bring 100 Million New Users

Tron was recently in the spotlight in relation to an outrageous prediction that Justin Sun made about the price of TRX.

Justin Sun predicted that TRX could hit $409k. Smartereum debated the reason behind such a bold prediction about the price for TRX.

Other than this, another important issue worth mentioning is that the CEO updated the community on the upcoming developments on the Tron network.

In a tweet, Sun announced that there’s a Tron-based privacy coin is a step closer to reality.

Justin Sun teases new secret project

Tron’s Justin Sun is famous for teasing all kinds of secret projects. A few times, his teases turned out exciting and pointing out to real collabs, but other times, it was all a hype for nothing.

It’s not a surprise that Justin Sun makes promises to the Tron ecosystem. Now, he comes up with a new promise after he tweeted that he’s working o a secret project.

He said that this new project would bring multi-billion benefits to the ecosystem of Tron.

He also claimed that this new project would result in an influx of about 100 million new users to Tron.

Smartereum writes that “The reaction to the TRX chief’s tweet proved skeptical, considering Sun’s history of outlandish promises, predictions, and teases. Indeed, Sun prompted the creation of the ‘annunciation’ concept to describe his habit of making many loud and empty announcements.”

Feeback following Justin’s tweet

Here’s Justin’s tweet below:

As reported by Smartereum, he did get mixed reactions following this tweet.

Someone posted: “Yup.. Just some dude who acquired Bittorrent, DLive and Polo. He’s not building anything folks,” and another follower said: “Bingo. This kid is living dangerously. Wouldn’t want to walk over the street with all the frustrated ppl who want to get a hand on him…”

Another Twitter user wrote: “A secret project that will add secret users that nobody will see to get the price of #TRON secretly moving. Great announcement! I’m so excited.”

Someone else pointed out that “Yes, #JustinSun made mistakes. But how can it be that so many people at #Twitter overlook the achievements that he has initiated for #Tron? There are other colors between black and white.”

At the moment of writing this article, TRX is trading in the green and the coin is priced at $0.015167.

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