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  • Validation Centralized
  • Anonymity Low
  • Ease of use Easy

Your private keys are stored by a third party and they have easy access to them

Cryptonator Wallet is an online wallet that encrypts your user data online whilst giving you access to the funds they control on your behalf. The good bit about this wallet is that it is easy to use and gives you multiple cryptos at the loss of handing over control of your finds to another party.

Anonymous & secure

Your account is all about privacy, anonymity and bank-grade security.

They claim to take all possible measures to keep your funds safe and secure. All provided services run entirely over secure SSL (HTTPS) connection, critical user data is hashed by SHA-256 cryptographic algorithm.

Additional two factor authentication with One-Time-Passwords adds even more security to your account.

Currently supports

Bitcoin BTC
Blackcoin BLK
Dogecoin DOGE
Litecoin LTC
Paycoin XPY
Peercoin PPC
Primecoin XPM
Reddcoin RDD
Vertcoin VTC
Zcash ZEC

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